Writing, Editing, Storytelling


at the intersection of the world of research and the world of words... 

... lies story. 

For a long time, and having read innumerable academic materials (journal articles, PhD theses, course materials, case studies, grant applications, promotion applications, reviewers' comments etc.), we at mehta-text have longed for academics to write engagingly.

Academics were repeatedly being told (by reviewers or supervisors) that they couldn't see why the research was significant or what its contribution was.

At first, we thought the problem lay with the words. Then we looked at the sentences, and then the paragraphs.

Until we realised that, in fact, the problem was much bigger: Researchers were thinking of writing as reporting; they weren't thinking of writing as storytelling.

They weren't thinking of academic writing as persuasive writing or as a written argument, and they weren't thinking of their research as having anything to do with storytelling. And what we mean by storytelling is not the recounting of tales, but using stories as the underlying organising principle for the writing.

Storytelling in academia is a behind-the-scenes activity. The drama is in the researcher's head, and it is this drama that structures the writing.

Without this drama, the writing is dull at best and lacking purpose at worst. Reviewers feel tepidly towards the manuscript, and their responses reflect their disenchantment.

mehta-text is poised to take your writing and help you form and understand the underlying story. Then, together, we unfold the story in the writing. 

The way we do this is through edits, Skype calls and emails, and more edits. We work at a deeper level than most other copyeditors, helping you think about direction, impact, and contribution.

We can ask challenging questions, and sometimes make radical edits. We want your work to be engaging, easy to read and understand, and, dare we say, interesting.


And yes, we do also offer a simple copyedit or a proofread, if that's all you really want. 


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You’ve been a great support at all stages of my research. Your work in helping me craft my story makes my writing clear, insightful AND enjoyable. Your energy is inspiring and I love your sincere and refreshing viewpoint on my work.
— Asst Prof Pilar Rojas Gaviria