What purpose does your writing serve?

Every day we write. We create reports and graphs, we collect data and present it, we research phenomena and write a literature review, we have an idea and we need to write a proposal to fund it. We are reaching out, trying to communicate.


we’re writing, but we’re not writers. we’re writing, but we’re not storytellers.

Too often, the resultant text is legible and perhaps even comprehensible. But it is

  • NOT engaging

  • NOT interesting

  • NOT inspiring.

For your ideas to have any impact, for your words to spark any action at all, you cannot simply hire a copyeditor to “clean it up”. Someone needs to crawl into the dark mine, pull out the rough diamonds, and bring them back up to be polished and represented. You need to use the words to re-tell your story. Because it’s in the telling of the story that you hook the reader, engage their hearts rather than their minds, and create real change.

Too frequently, journal reviewers/thesis advisors complain that the author needs to work on her/his English, prompting academics to seek out a copyeditor. But even more frequently, reviewers complain that they are hard pressed to see what the contribution of the paper is. They ask: Why is this research interesting? What is new and exciting about this topic? What’s the point of this paper?

What they're asking, in fact, is What's the Story Here? Their complaint is a direct result of a weak story in your paper/thesis. A weak story does not engage the readers, and the writing merely reports the findings rather than making the case for the importance and impact of the study.

Mehta-Text can help you with your story. We provide writing support to academics that extends beyond basic copyediting services. More than just fixing the grammatical errors in your text and tinkering with the sentence structure, we help you by looking at the overall story. With our service, you will be able to circumvent any lingering questions that reviewers may have about the value or contribution of the paper.

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We have two jobs as scholars: Answering interesting
questions and telling the story.
— Pollock, T. and Bono, J. (2013) "Being Scheherazade: The Importance of Storytelling in Academic Writing," Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 56, No. 3, pp. 629-634.