Mehta-text offers academic writing workshops for junior and senior researchers.

The workshops bring scholars’ attention to the act of writing, focusing on topics like the purpose of a paragraph or how to write a good literature review, and also on the nitty gritty of writing – grammar, sentence structures, word choice, etc.

about the Workshop

These workshops are structured to address the particular needs of academic writers aiming to publish in academic journals.

Participants bring  a work-in-progress that they edit and rewrite while keeping in mind the writing strategies and tools taught in the workshop.

Brief but intense, these workshops, conducted in small groups, allow scholars to put into practice what they learn straight away, making the results tangible. Moreover, they add lifelong tools to their writing toolbox to help improve their writing on a long-term basis.

Your work was very helpful, not just for the paper, but also to me personally as a writer. Much appreciated.
— Professor Domen Bajde

Who Should Take the Workshop

Participants who are likely to reap the most benefits from this workshop are PhD students and early-career academics, although plenty of seasoned well-published academics would benefit immensely too.

Researchers for whom English is a second language can also be well served by this workshop.

To bring this workshop to your school, please do drop us an email outlining your interest.